Meet our crew.

  • President

    Kim Rudrud

    Fearless leadership, brand strategy, big thinking, fun making and lakeside living

  • Executive Creative Director

    Nicole Ackmann

    Smart thinking, idea visioning, tiny detail perfecting, chaos wrangling and deep understanding of essential oils

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Tim Deis

    Owning the joint, trusting all of us, checking off his bucket list and enviable cycling tours

  • Director of Brand and Creative Strategy

    Christiana Kippels

    Insight mining, trend watching and marathon seamstressing weekends

  • Creative

    Chris Weiss

    German precision, a deep love of details, experiential design, perfect lettering and relentless coffee consumption

  • Creative

    Ginnie Read

    Putting words in the right order, finding :15 second stories, cheerleading and breaking fashion boundaries

  • account

    Ben Bundul

    Digital wizardry, creative problem solving, team leadership and any sport with a ball.

  • creative

    Ka(y)li DeBoer

    Rewriting design rules, fearlessly attacking details and owning her strange Iowan ways

  • account

    Sarah Stenbeck

    Client calming, project sorting and dispelling millennial stereotypes

  • creative

    Mary Esch

    Relentless digital production, knowing every product code by heart and inspiring boisterous goodbyes.

  • creative

    Ezra Thormodsgaard

    Seeing the world from behind the lens, bringing it to life through edit, motion graphics and frying up perfect bacon, every time

  • creative

    Kari Chapman

    Solving design dilemmas, adding beauty to the details and finding hilarious animal videos

  • creative

    Frances Czaia

    Production wisdom, bringing display to life with 3D rendering and knowing any bird by its song

  • Administrative

    Mike Bliss

    Internet connections, number crunching, check cutting and an almost perfect F chord

  • creative

    Patrick Bentz

    Treating videos like films, asking “what if?” and enlightening us on world culture

  • account

    Natalie Goldman

    Shopper savvy, integrated marketing strategy and passport filling.

  • creative

    Kyle Loaney

    Animation, digital UX/UI, motion graphics, illustration, hand lettering and dog nicknames

  • Office Dogge


    I will wait by the freezer until you give me an ice cube so you might as well give me one.

  • Office Dogge


    You got some trash I can eat?


From fashion to film, yoga to dance, hand touched to high tech, modern renaissance to the core.