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Comply earphone tips, with patented memory foam technology, enhance the performance of over 235 of today’s best earphone brands. With web customers frustrated by an over-complicated path to purchase, THREAD stepped in with an eCommerce solution as custom and dynamic as Comply tips.

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THREAD’s research proved Comply’s audience was much broader than male audiophiles. Their new site needed to better accommodate all customers with streamlined navigation, modern imagery and a friendlier brand voice.


A perfect fit. Every time.


Comply’s sound-loving, ear geek persona gets infused across all facets of the new site, including a short video using original animation to explain how their patented technology works. The customer experience is driven by a THREAD-developed interface. The Fit Finder. Customer tip choices are narrowed to only those that fit their earphones. This messaging continues in consumer packaging, making the purchase in-store just as simple.